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But feel

How should your wedding day feel to you? It’s an important question that I would love for you to sit with for a moment. Whether you are eloping, just you two, or having 300 guests your day should still be the most intimate and memorable day of your life. I’m here to ask you to ditch the pressure on what your wedding should look like from the outside and start asking how it should feel from the inside. Everyone wants their wedding to look good to others, but it’s more important that your wedding day is about your love, connection and relationship with each other.

I’m ready for photography that is raw and real →

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You’ll find a dog-loving, coffee-sipping girl that's always behind the camera and loves adventure (nice to meet you!)


You’ll also find that I love what I do with my entire being right down to my bones; I pour my heart and soul into every session and wedding I do. To me, there is no greater joy than giving you photographs that set your soul on fire and overwhelm you with love.


I’m more than just a photographer, but a passionate storyteller - You won't find me checking off a short list and trying to create aesthetic photos that just aren’t you. Instead, I approach your wedding with a curious heart that invests in knowing all the intimate details of your love story and capturing that raw, genuine connection you two hold with total honesty. Every day I’m truly honored that people trust me with such a special moment, so whether you are here to snoop or book, I want to thank you in advance for being here.

It’s essential to pick the right person to photograph your wedding.

By the end of your wedding day, the cake will have been eaten, the flowers will have wilted, and the dress will have been delicately packed away, but the photographs are the one thing you will take with you and look back on to remember and relive the memories you two shared. Of course, you’ll be able to remember how your day looked but what if your photographs did more? What if they reminded you how you felt, the memories made, the genuine connection you shared? This is more than just clicking a button, it’s an authentic photojournalist approach to telling your love story. 

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"I met Nina via zoom, and it felt so comfortable to talk to her, and I loved how she asked me questions about my fiancé and my dreams, etc. It felt like she really cared. Our meetings after that were like getting together with a friend- she was so open and kind and excited and intentional. The day of the wedding, it was like she was one of my friends who was coming to the wedding and just so happened to be taking pictures! She was direct and had a system to the madness but was also flexible and easygoing. When we got the photos back, I was just SO glad we found her and that she chose to share her time and your gifts with us. Photos were something that I decided early on I wanted to prioritize in our budget, and I am so glad we did because now we have her beautiful photos to look at for the rest of our lives! They are so dreamy and magical and soft. It matches the mood and the feel, and the vibe that I experienced on my wedding day. When I look through the photos, it's like I am flipping through photos of a dream."

Nina was kind and professional. She captured my special day in ways I did not even know I wanted. She made sure to capture the moments that I told her were vitally important to me to have as a memory. Nina did whatever it would take to get the perfect shot. My parents commented on how she would be on the floor or standing on a chair to capture those special memories. She was there at the time she requested of her, Nina helped to keep the wedding on schedule and captured moments I did not even know were happening. She made sure to capture the whole day and event, not just the ceremony.

"Wow, I do not know where to start. We asked a lot of Nina. She lives in Oklahoma, and the wedding was in California, so to start, the first ask was if she would be willing to go to SoCal, and she said yes... Then because of the venue, she even helped arrange an assistant to work with her. Nina was all over the place taking pictures. We extended our stay in SoCal, and we loved her so much that we asked that she stay longer with our family. She was excellent at getting those pictures that make memories unbelievable. I could go on but let me just say this - you won't be sorry to offer her the opportunity to help make your memories."

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