How to prepare for a summer wedding in Oklahoma

I have lived in Oklahoma for around twenty years now and yes, the summers here get HOT!!! It’s not just the heat that sucks, it’s the humidity, the bugs, and the mosquitos!! (Yes, I know mosquitoes are bugs too, but I feel like they deserve their own category of terror). So, why get married in the summer in Oklahoma?

I can give you one reason. The infamous Oklahoma sunsets *heart eyes*

Golden hour on Oklahoma plains just hit differently. 

I have shot my fair share of summer weddings, and my sister and both of my best friends had a summer wedding, so I feel like I am somewhat qualified to give you some tips on having an Oklahoma summer wedding.

  1. Avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day.

Either plan for a morning or evening ceremony. Ideally, you want to spend the mid part of the day inside. This is usually from noon to 4. When planning your ceremony, make sure to account for the direction of the ceremony site regarding the position of the sun, and the amount of shade provided. My rule of thumb is to plan the ceremony around 1.5 – 2 hours before sunset. This way the sun is low enough that it’s not glaring down, but high enough so you have enough time for photos after the ceremony. If you’re planning a first look and to do your couple portraits before the ceremony, then it could be closer to the 1.5-hour mark. 

  1. Choose an outdoor – Indoor location. 

If you plan to have your ceremony outdoors, I suggest having an indoor reception or a tent set up with fans/AC units. Providing some kind of break from the heat for you and your guests can make the experience all the more enjoyable. Most people can endure a little summer heat for a 30-minute ceremony, but might not be able to make it through the whole wedding without a break to cool off–especially the youngsters and grandparents in the crowd. 

  1. Pick the right florals/decor.

When speaking to your florist, they should have an understanding of what flowers will stand the heat better than others. But having an understanding of florals that are hardier than others is good to keep in mind when creating your vision board or shopping around. 

  1. Reserve time for touch-ups.

No matter how amazing your makeup looks or how talented your makeup artists are, your makeup might melt a little, and your hair too. Reserve a quick fifteen minutes after the ceremony to have your lipstick, powder, curls, and what have you, touched up before continuing to photos. In the rush of the day this can be forgotten, so have it written in your timeline and ask your maid of honor to gently pull you away when the time is right after the ceremony. Either keep your makeup on hand in the bridal suite, or book your stylists for an extra hour, because it might just be worth it to make sure you look your absolute best on your best day.

  1. Remember to hydrate!

I know this one might seem obvious, but you will be surprised by how little time you have to eat and drink on your wedding day. Make it one of your bridesmaid’s responsibilities to ensure you are getting plenty of water breaks to make it through the hot day. While everyone is getting ready, make it a drinking game! Every time someone asks for a bobby pin, take a swig. Someone says the groom’s name, another sip. A bridesmaid tears up over how beautiful the bride looks! You guessed it, take a drink of that water!

  1. Be mindful of hair gel.

This one is for the dudes. Time and time again I have seen the groomsmen walk back down the aisle with tears in their eyes—and not just from happiness, but because their hair gel has melted in the hair and ran into their eyes!! This isn’t something you would normally think about, but let those guys know to maybe go easy on the hair products before the ceremony. 

Just because your wedding day may be a hot hot hot day doesn’t mean it will be any less beautiful! It just helps to have some tips and tricks to get through the heat. 

Venue: Vinterra Event Venue

Stationary: SC.Fabian

Florals: Emerald and Olive



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